Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Supharuk or copper cat cat cat called foreigners Myanmar (Burmese Cat) .

Year in 2473, Dr. Joseph C.. Thompson has led Americans kittens brownish one from Myanmar.

Back to San Francisco. And it registered in England. And a cat named Burma.

Become popular cat breeds a culture of the other cats know that cats Sup Thai assumed identity.

Or copper, then this indeed is a Thai cat. Because the structure and property of Thai very catty.

But the old Burmese cat breeding is not copper. And no book about a cat with copper. Part of it is.

Recorded in the ancient book Keai to look the cat Supharuk. And believe that when the 2 different Ayudhya (Year 2310) Thai Burma is to herd.

And the cat continued to treat with copper. Copper is a cat and popular culture to proliferate in western Burma to Myanmar that found a cat is to understand how copper.

A Burmese cat.

Nature of Supharuk.

Body and tail: shape, size medium elegant long slender legs straight practice plump limp tail knob wide eyes look out yellow or yellow amber.

Hair: body hair is dark brown like copper. The ears and face are dark than others. Colored mustache like copper wire.

Color: all are eager talk. Curious. Free love interests around like a special hunt victims mischievously playful.

Recessive: color fur tail kink and the tail end of the color is white tummy or chest area. Destroyed by the body. Especially the face.

Legs and tail.

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