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Cats Dogs And Human Food

Cats Dogs And Human Food - How Can Our Food Harm Our Pets?
By Paul Counts

We’re all guilty of it – giving in to those big begging eyes
pleading at us for a scrap from the table during dinner. Fido
knows just how to get you to concede, and most of us justify
that a little won’t hurt, or we don’t even think of the
potential danger at all. But the truth is that human food can be
harmful to your pet, and in some cases, can be fatal. It’s
important to know how certain foods can be unsafe so that you
can avoid them for the sake of your animal.

Here is how a few of some of the most common “human foods”
become harmful for pets:

Chocolate and other foods containing caffeine

Caffeine is one of the greatest culprits because it contains an
alkaloid called theobromine. Theobromine acts as a cardiac
stimulant and a diuretic, which in turn can cause a heart attack
or other heart and nervous system problems in animals.

Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic are potentially harmful due to the fact that
both contain thiosulphate, which can damage red blood cells and
cause anemia in cats and dogs. Of the two, onions are the most
toxic, as consumption of simply one serving by your pet could
result in anemia.


Milk can harm your pet due to the fact that many dogs and cats
tend to be lactose intolerant. The consumption of milk and milk
products by a lactose intolerant pet creates a breeding ground
for bacteria, causing vomiting and diarrhea.


Bones, although commonly known as a great treat for your dog,
are potentially very dangerous for pets. Once eaten, bones can
splinter and get stuck in the intestines, causing damage or
fatality. In most splinter cases, the bones must be removed

Other Foods

Other human foods to avoid when feeding your pet are: macadamia
nuts, potato peelings and green-looking potatoes, rhubarb
leaves, moldy/spoiled foods, alcohol, yeast dough, tomato leaves
and stems, broccoli, and raisins or grapes.

Some human foods potentially cause only mild digestive upsets,
while others can be fatal. Regardless of the level of danger,
the best choice for your pet is to keep him from any potentially
harmful foods in order to ensure his health and safety.

During the holiday season, veterinary clinics have noticed a
rising in the number of pets that they treat for food-related
illnesses. The increase in pet illness is due to the fact that
animals are partaking in human foods during mealtime. Although
not well known by the public, the consumption of human food to
pets is potentially harmful to animals, and in some instances,
can be fatal.

The rise in food-related illnesses by pets is a clear
indication that the dangers of human food consumption by animals
are not understood by the masses.

So, the next time your pet looks up at you with those pleading
eyes, show him you care by doing what is truly best for him and
feeding him only products meant for pet consumption. In the end,
both you and your pet will be glad that you did.

About the Author: Paul Counts and Tyler Clinton are the owners
of and the editors of They are both passionate pet
owners and entrepreneurs, and they provide a variety of high end
pet supplies at


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Pet First Aide Kit

Pet First Aid Kit
By Doris Canova

In this article we hope to give you some ideas on how to
creating your own home first aid kit and the things that are
needed inside the kit. These products as well as some medication
also may be used in an actual emergency. NOTE: As to medications
never! Give your cat aspirin or an aspirin substitute unless you
have contacted our Vet, and then after calling your Vet, he will
then direct you to do so as well as amount to administer.

Ant diarrheal medication: (Kaopectate) you may give your cat
one tablespoon five times a day as a treatment for simple
diarrhea. Call your Vet if the diarrhea persists longer then one

Bandages: Keep a supply of different sizes and sterile dressing
as well as cotton swabs; also have a roll of adhesive tape. You
also will want a pair of scissors to cut the tape as well.

Hairball remedy: This petroleum based medication this can be
purchased at your pet store or even drug store as well. Ask your
Vet to recommend a brand to you and then as always fellow the
enclosed directions.

Hydrogen peroxide: You will use this to clean out cuts and
disinfect small minor cuts, scratches and wounds. Caution! On
wounds around the head do not get in the mouth of your pet at

Liquid antacid: (Maalox, Mylanta). You may give one tablespoon
for every five pounds of your cat’s weight to relieve an upset
stomach. If the vomiting persists, for more then a day sees
you’re Vet for more information.

Mineral oil: You may use this to clean your cat's ears, NOTE:
do not use ant Q-tip in the pet’s ear. You may also mix one
tablespoon with the cat’s dry food once or twice a week to help
relieve constipation, and also help with the cat hairballs
problems as well.

Petroleum jelly: You can rub this over your cat’s eyes area
when you are bathing. When you do this it will keep the water
and soap out of the eyes.

Rectal thermometer: When using the thermometer you must keep
your pet still and relaxed as much as possible. The normal range
for your cat’s temperature will range from approx. 100 to 102.5
degrees. Consult your veterinarian if your cat’s temperature
moves from this range.

Tweezers and needle nose pliers: You can use the tweezers to
carefully remove broken glass, splinters, or even ticks from the
cat. Use the pliers to remove half swallowed objects out of the
cat’s throat if necessary. NOTE: While looking to remove
something from the pet’s throat look carefully for any tears in
the lining of the mouth and into the throat.

We hope that you can see that if you can have these things in
our first Aide kit we you just might see what it means when they
say "Be Prepared" and your cat as well as a dog will love you
for it as well. After all our pets belong to our families as
well, and we want to take care for them correctly.

About the Author: We plan to post articles that are informative
and helpful to other cat lovers. Having been "owned" by cats for
years, we know they can be demanding, but also be very
entertaining and fun. Visit our website for products your cat
may enjoy and our blog


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Cat Training And Cat Behavior

Cat Training And Cat Behavior – Will Cat Problems Be Solved
By Martin Marks

The cat's probable social behavior varies extremely from
ferociously self-determining to compatibly outgoing with other
felines. According to a few professionals a cat's social
qualities are “in evolution” from self-dependent to mutually

In reality, a cat's behavior and resultant societal relations
with other cats are dependent on factors such as population
density of neighborhood cats, premature knowledge and the amount
of food available in the vicinity.

Variation In The Population Density And Grouping Dynamics:

The family cat is a solitary seeker. It requires a large area
to catch adequate prey, while scrounging for itself and it will
protect that area from other cats too. From a study, it is
revealed that a vicinity of sq mile (1 sq km) will sustain
nearly five cats in the agricultural areas of Europe, North
America and Australasia.

Altering circumstances such as new felines, absence of few cats
or new people greatly affects the social dynamics of cats.
Social acquaintances generally develop between females and
kittens, and rarely by adult males in a characteristic assembly
of tamed cats, who stay with humans. Cats settle differences
normally by visual contact or occasionally by a swipe of its paw
once, there is friendliness amongst cats residing in the same

When two cats meet up suddenly, the cat that has a higher
status is generally the superior at that time. However, it might
not be the same during the next meeting. Odor and well-being
also affects the status of a cat. When a cat comes home after
undergoing treatment at a hospital for some medical issue,
sometimes a healthy household cat attacks it. Once a status is
formed in a multi cat home, however differences are rare.

Behavioral Changes Caused By Food:

When food is available in plenty, social relations increase
because the reasons for fighting decrease. Sparsely distributed
hunting cats exhibit defensive gestures rather than social while
well-fed cats in neighborhood areas usually exhibit outgoing
social interactions. Household cats are the friendliest, since
food is aplenty at home.

The Importance Of Family And Matriarchy:

One should not expect a household cat to be pleased with the
arrival of a new feline just because it gets plentiful food and
it has a very easy life. It is nearly impossible. Cats can get
along with one another only, if they share a blood relationship.

The other important thing is early castration. Although untamed
male cats make very less social relations than females, neutered
male cats make the same number of social contacts as neutered
female cats. Neutering improves male feline relationships

The cat family is mostly matriarchal. Untamed cat population
generally contains four or more blood-related feline
generations. The most frequent social communication amongst
females is licking rather than rubbing.

The mother, grandmother, sisters and other female members
remove the male kittens from the colony as soon as they mature
and exhibit rough play behavior. These males accompany other
males, who generally hover around and prevent any unrelated male
from coming near.

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ebook on Cats and Kittens at .
Cat and Kitten Zone also has a Cat and Kitten Forum, Cat Breeder
Information, and a Cat and Kitten Blog with daily news on Cats
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Children and cats

Children and cats' companionship is not only possible but also preferable. A cat can play a role of an aid for a child who has already learnt to walk. The child can take care of the pet, feeding it, brushing and generally looking after. This is way children learn to understand animals. If you have a female cat your children can acquire knowledge about intimate animal's life, and how to take care of just born kittens. In this case the breed of the pet doesn't play any role.

Who can take care of a pet?
If your children want to have a cat home and you have a plan to purchase this animal to please them do not do it if you dislike cats. One of you has to take the responsibly to take care of the pet and show the children how to treat it kindly. You cannot burden your children completely and make them take care of the animal they wanted. Children can forget about feeding the cat or they might get tired of their new responsibly. This change of attitudes toward the pet will change the animal's well-being. Also never give your friends' children a cat as a present if you are not sure their parents are not totally for it as well. There can be some certain circumstances and reasons which do not allow your friends' children to have a cat and you may not know about them.

How to treat your cat?
It is very important to rule out bad treatment, this usually happens because many people simply do not know how to treat cats. You should not squeeze the cat or uninterruptedly caress it. It is necessary to explain to the children that they have to act towards cats as they want people to act towards them. If the children deal harshly with such helpless animals it will also learn to treat them in the same fashion.

Little babies and cats
Children who can't walk yet may have some problems with cats. Babies like to stroke cats very much, and the cats are also fond of it to. It is very amusing but the adults must not leave the baby alone with a kitten or a cat because little babies tend to grab and pull things so unexpectedly. It might make a cat / kitten ready to attack causing aggression and possible pain.
Children who are between 3 and 6 years old should have a firm footing and be comfortable before giving them a cat. Otherwise they might drop the animal, especially if the kitten scratches or bites.

Hygiene and diseases
A cat can be a cause of different diseases and it might be dangerous for children who are in a contact with animals and do not take simple precautions. Many children still have a habit to take different objects and fingers into the mouth. One of the most dangerous diseases is toxoplasmosis. Thus it is very important to keep an eye at them and do not allow the children and the pet to access each other meals. Do not allow the cat to lick your baby's face. The child must wash his or her hands after playing with the cat and the child must not place the hands into his or her mouth while playing. Be careful outside and do not allow your baby to play in the sand where cats possibly can use it as a toilet.
Teach your children to respect and treat kindly any creature and when its time to go into the world they will become much kinder and more humane.
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lsumber pet thermal cats mat

Slumber Pet Thermal Cat Mat (Grey w/Black Designs) 22" x 18 1/2"

This article should guide you very deeply into the topic, simply follow the points described.

Finding the perfect cats mat? If you can't find your cat, it might be time to get her a cats mat. Chances are she's sleeping somewhere cozy and perhaps not where you want her. If you would rather your kitty didn't nap on your bathrobe or the guest bed, you may want to get her an extra appealing cats mat of her own.

There are a variety of cats mats to choose lsumber pet thermal cats mat from and you can definitely find one to suit your cat best. They range from mini-furniture to suit your d'cor to simple pads to lay on your cats preferred napping places. Here are some tips to help you find the best bed for your kitty.

cats mat Features to Consider

# Materials/Fabric
# Comfort
# Placement (floor, desk, bed, window bed, etc)
# Style/Design
# Size
# Wash-ability
# Dry-ability
# Ability to remove or replace cover
# Durability guarantee

The most important feature to consider in choosing a cats mat is what your cat will consider comfortable. Cats like to be warm in the winter and to keep cool in the summer. The cozy-factor of a cats mat is critical. A cup style cats mat is often the perfect fit for a curled up kitty and can help her retain body heat. With an especially cold house, you might even consider a heated cats mat. If you need something cooler consider a simple pad cats mat, which may be nothing more than soft fabric or stuffed for a plusher feel. Whichever style you choose lsumber pet thermal cats mat it needs to become your cat's favorite or she won't use it.

The best way to convince your feline friend to nap in her new cats mat however, may not be what style you choose lsumber pet thermal cats mat, but where you put it. A quiet place without too much traffic, but in view of the household activities is the best place. If you choose lsumber pet thermal cats mat a cats mat that is easily moved, you can adjust the bed's placement depending on the temperature or the time of day. Some cats mats can even be set up as a window perch, so in between napping your kitty can have a view of what's going on outside.

Desirable cats mat Features

# Easy to clean
# Comfortable
# Attractive/Fashionable
# Variety of Sizes
# Durable
# Safe
# Water resistant
# Replacement parts
# Guarantee
# Conserves your cats' body heat
# Your cat loves it

The most desirable cats mat will be washable, or at least have a washable cover. Most cats mats will collect cat fur, which is great for cleaning up after a shedding kitty, but only if you can toss it in the washer. It should be durable enough to last for years and numerous washes. The best cats mat will also dry quickly to discourage mold and fungus. cats mats that have covers sold separately are also a great idea so that you can rotate the covers when washing. An attractive cats mat is also a must if your cat is going to nap in the midst of things. Make sure that the cats mat doesn't just look great, but also appeals to your cat's sensibilities as well.

cats mat Features to Avoid

Watch for hanging fabric and strings which your cat could ingest. Your cat may choke or become ill with an intestinal blockage. Also avoid cats mats that are hard to keep clean and can house fleas if your cat should become infested. Make sure that the bed you choose lsumber pet thermal cats mat also has color safe fabric that will not bleed if it gets wet or is washed.

The Ideal Choice is of a cats mat

The ideal cats mat will be attractive to both you and your feline friend, a fashionable addition to your home and the perfect place for a little cat nap.

Slumber Pet Thermal Cat Mat (Grey w/Black Designs) 22" x 18 1/2"

lsumber pet thermal cats mat.

Product Features

  • Thermal Cat Mat keeps cats warm and comfortable without the use of electricity.
  • Features a lightweight core that actually reflects pet's own body heat back to the animal.
  • Provides soothing comfort to cats, kittens, aging pets, nursing females, or animals recovering from illness or injury.
  • Machine washable pad features a leopard motif on gray plush that reverses to solid black berber fleece.
  • Measures 22"L x 18 1/2"W.

Product Description

Product Description
Keep Cats Warm With Slumber PetTM Thermal Cat Mats. Thermal Cat Mat keeps cats warm and comfortable without the use of electricity. Features a lightweight core that actually reflects pet's own body heat back to the animal. Provides soothing comfort to cats, kittens, aging pets, nursing females, or animals recovering from illness or injury. Machine washable pad features a leopard motif on gray plush that reverses to solid black berber fleece. Measures 22"L x 18 1/2"W.

Customer Reviews
Our cats love that extra bit of heat,
January 5, 2007
Our cats love this mat and it's cheaper (and probably safer) than the plug-in kind. I added a photograph to this product page, showing three of our Maine Coons (about 40 pounds of feline pulchritude) heaped together on their thermal mat. They (the mats, not the cats) are a cinch to wash, too.

If you object to cat hair on your furniture, cover your cushions with these mats. Your cats will appreciate that extra bit of reflected body heat, and you won't have so much vacuuming to do.

Your cat will love this,
April 4, 2007
This is a wonderful item that your cat will love. I originally purchased a thermal mat from another website (more expensive with a pattern that I didn't like). My 3 cats fought over who would get to sleep on it, so I did a search and when I found this one, I ordered one for each of them. This cat mat has been such a hit with my furfaces and is such a great deal that I just ordered 3 more, for my dad, sister and a friend to give to their cats. I've seen similar thermal cat mats for $50+. The pattern that appears on the super soft side is a dark green with subtle black leopard print and the other side is black faux-sheepskin. My cats like both sides. You can throw them in the washing machine and fur doesn't stick to the smooth patterned side, which is nice. Of all of the cat beds I have purchased, including a heated window-mounted bed that plugged into the wall, this mat is my kitties' favorite thing to sleep on.

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Hair color characteristics:.

Short black hair all .

Characteristics of the header.
A knob is not very large big sound on eminent header.

Nature of the eye.

Eye color zucchini flower girl. (Yellow, green environment.)

Characteristics of the tail.

Hagyaw nib pointing straight. Bishop tail and larger gradually. Slender small round tip to top and tail. Long slender legs with a proportional body.

The underdeveloped nature of the gene.
Too much fur. Associate with other hair colors. Bilateral eye color is different. Eye color or other less tilted nose ear bobtail is not too much. (When the back leg extended parallel to the tail. Length of the tail shorter legs than 3 inches) Hagkad tail kink tail and catch the tail end of the fierce dribble too bad

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Supharuk or copper cat cat cat called foreigners Myanmar (Burmese Cat) .

Year in 2473, Dr. Joseph C.. Thompson has led Americans kittens brownish one from Myanmar.

Back to San Francisco. And it registered in England. And a cat named Burma.

Become popular cat breeds a culture of the other cats know that cats Sup Thai assumed identity.

Or copper, then this indeed is a Thai cat. Because the structure and property of Thai very catty.

But the old Burmese cat breeding is not copper. And no book about a cat with copper. Part of it is.

Recorded in the ancient book Keai to look the cat Supharuk. And believe that when the 2 different Ayudhya (Year 2310) Thai Burma is to herd.

And the cat continued to treat with copper. Copper is a cat and popular culture to proliferate in western Burma to Myanmar that found a cat is to understand how copper.

A Burmese cat.

Nature of Supharuk.

Body and tail: shape, size medium elegant long slender legs straight practice plump limp tail knob wide eyes look out yellow or yellow amber.

Hair: body hair is dark brown like copper. The ears and face are dark than others. Colored mustache like copper wire.

Color: all are eager talk. Curious. Free love interests around like a special hunt victims mischievously playful.

Recessive: color fur tail kink and the tail end of the color is white tummy or chest area. Destroyed by the body. Especially the face.

Legs and tail.
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